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Coalesced Stack Trace Graph (CSTG) tools



A central need during software development of large systems is tools that help root-cause bugs quickly. Given the massive scale of these systems, tools that highlight changes can prove to be highly effective in practice. Conventional debuggers, while good at presenting details at the problem-site (e.g., crash), often omit contextual information for root-causing the bug. We present a new approach to collect and coalesce stack traces, leading to an efficient summary display of salient system control flow differences in a graphical form called Coalesced Stack Trace Graphs (CSTG). CSTGs have helped us understand and debug situations within a computational framework called Uintah that has been deployed at large scale, and undergoes frequent version updates. But they can used in any software development context.



The tools contained here are used for code intrumentation, CSTG generation and comparison. Usage instructions and a small example is contained in the file.


CSTGs from our case studies

Mini coal boiler

Mini coal boiler OK Mini coal boiler Crash Mini coal boiler Diff


Poisson2 OK Poisson 2 Crash Poisson 2 Diff


Arches Diff









Last updated on 01/MAY/2014