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ISP Examples Page

This page's purpose is to list examples of MPI programs that have been analyzed with ISP.
To learn more about our work, please visit our homepage

Blue Gene/L, courtesy of IBM

Miscellaneous Examples

  • MPI_Tests page is a collection of small MPI programs and includes some comparisons to another MPI correctness checking tool.
  • Jason Williams' Examples page is a set of tests collected and expanded upon from various sources
  • ISP and Pacheco examines most examples from Peter Pacheco's book Parallel Programming with MPI through ISP
  • Simone Atzeni's page has several examples under his projects heading
  • [workspace-gem.tgz] an Eclipse workspace loaded with example MPI programs for ISP
  • Larger Examples

    Game of Life

  • This is a demonstration of Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automaton. This 552 LOC implementation was presented at EuroPVM/MPI 2007 by Gropp and Lusk as a tutorial on advanced MPI-2. ISP analyzes this example in seconds.
  • The code for this can be downloaded here.
  • View examples of ISP's output here and here.
  • Madre

  • This is S. and A. Siegel's Memory Aware Data Redistribution Engine for utilizing distributed memory (in clusters). ISP found a previously documented deadlock in an improptu run at EuroPVM 2008. It detected a previously unknown resource leak as well.
  • Madre's home page is located here.
  • ParMETIS

  • This MPI based parallel library (of 14k LOC) that implements algorithms for working with graphs, meshes and matricies initially took days to run to completion on ISP. Now it completes in about 5 seconds on a laptop.
  • You may download ParMETIS's source code here.
  • MPI-Blast

  • This is an MPI port (from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and now at Virginia Tech) of the genomic sequence database tools of BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool). This version contains about 70,000 lines of code and utilizes the nondeterministic MPI constructs Probe and iProbe. ISP runs to completion with small test inputs.
  • Visit the MPI-Blast homepage here.
  • SPEC Benchmarks

  • These are a suite of benchmarks made for testing MPI implementations, called MPI2007. We experienced reasonable performance on a few of the MPI2007 tests, but suffered state space explosion problems with the others.
  • For more information on SPEC benchmarks, visit their website.
  • ADLB

  • ADLB, or Asynchronous Dynamic Load-Balancing Library is an MPI implemented user library for performing client/server oriented load balancing. This distribution of 8,000 lines of code is looking promising. It was written by Rusty Lusk and others at ANL.
  • For more information, see Rusty's paper here.

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