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Uintah Runtime Verification (URV)

Welcome to the Gauss Group's URV Site at the University of Utah, School of Computing.


About URV

URV is a runtime verification system of Uintah, a high performance scientific computing tool developed by the SCI Institute at the University of Utah.

URV is made possible by an NSF Grant, see the proposal here.


URV's Goals

URV has three main goals:



CSTG (Coalesced Stack Trace Graph) is the graph resulted from a new approach to collect and coalesce stack traces, leading to an efficient summary display of salient system control flow differences. The CSTG website containing the tool to download and large size graphs from our case studies is here.


Uintah bugs / Case studies

Here we list some bug reports and detailed case studies performed by the URV project.

File/Component Crashes/Hangs Command run Additional information Extensive study link Load Balancer sus Infinite recursion causing segmentation fault. Comparing 2 arrays in function SFC::SerialR() is never becoming different. Not available Data Warehouse sus An exception is thrown in function OnDemandDataWarehouse::get() when looking for an element that does not exist in a container. Slides 4-8 Scheduler "mpirun -np 2 sus -nthreads 2" A segmentation fault is thrown when a double is assigned to a variable in UnifiedScheduler::resetWaittime(). It happens due to uninitialized variables. Slides 19-32
explode2D_amr.uda.000 Scheduler "mpirun -np 8 sus" Wrong calculation of neighbors mismatching sends and receives. Happens after first regridding. Slides 9-15
Arches Data Warehouse "mpirun -np 2 sus -nthreads 2" An exception is thrown in function OnDemandDataWarehouse::getRegion(). Wrong parameter values were given to the function resulting in incorrect number of patches in some regions of the simulation. Section 4-b-1
Intel Xeon Phi FP Bug ? ? Floating point imprecision. Not available
Timing race ? ? Processes are 'too fast' and try to access a folder before it is created. Not available


Internal documentation: wiki






Contacts / People

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