University of Utah
School of Computing

M.S. and Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Prosenjit Chaterjee, M.S., 2002
    Formal Specification and Verification of Memory Consistency Models of Shared Memory Multiprocessors [pdf] [ps] [bib] [errata]
  • Mike Jones, Ph.D., 2001
    Formal Verification of Parameterized Protocols on Branching Networks [pdf] [ps] [bib] [errata]
  • Ravi Hosabettu, Ph.D., 2000
    Systematic Verification of Pipelined Processors [pdf] [ps] [bib] [errata]
  • Rajnish Ghughal, M.S., 1999
    Test Model Checking Approach to Verification of Formal Memory Models [pdf] [ps] [bib] [errata]
  • Ratan Nalumasu, Ph.D., 1999
    Design and Verification Methods for Shared Memory Systems [pdf] [ps] [bib] [errata]

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