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MPI Port of Parallel Murphi

We have ported the parallel version of Murphi to the MPI message passing library. The original version was developed by Ulrich Stern at Stanford. More information on that is available from the Murphi home page

The implementation of MPI we have ported to is MPICH version The MPI port of parallel Murphi can be downloaded from here. The readme file specific to this distribution is here. Please note that this is only an alpha version and is still very much a "researchy" software.

Parallel Murphi with Random Walk based heuristics

We have incorporated some parallel random walks based heuristics inside Murphi for semi-formal verification. The alpha version of the tool can be downloaded from here. More details regarding this tool can be had from our publications section.

If you download the software, I'd really appreciate it if you could drop me a line stating which research institute or organization you are a part of. Any other comments that you may have are most welcome.

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